1. Passengers travelling in a group of 7 (seven) or more on the same departure and arrival flights may request for a group fare. Group fares are quoted based on the specified travel dates and group size, and are subject to availability.

  2. Minimum 10 departures on each round trip sector (10 one way departure or total 20 round trip departure) would be a series and minimum passenger requirement is 5

Benefits of using our group booking system

  1. Simple and user-friendly interface
  2. Quick response time
  3. Easy to track your requests/booking status anytime, anywhere
  4. Update names of passengers at your convenience with just a click using an excel sheet
  5. Flexible choice of baggage and meals
  6. Flexible payment methods- you can choose to pay by credit card, bank transfer or agency deposit

For terms and conditions, please click here

Adhoc Terms and Conditions

Fare & Fare Quote

  • Fares are valid for economy class travel for the mentioned flights and for the number of passengers quoted only. (Any changes would require revalidation of group fare).
  • Fares will be quoted on a first-come-first serve basis subject to availability of seats, written confirmation and payments must be received.
  • Fare amount quoted is net payable to Go Air.
  • In case of Round-trip fare, the fare is valid only for round-trip travel.
  • Fares are valid for immediate ticketing only.
  • Fares are subject to change on account of fuel surcharge, taxes / service tax (PSF, UDF, CUTE, etc) or any other additional charges that may be levied by Government of India or any statutory body subsequent to the date of booking and applicable on date of travel shall be charged and payable separately.
  • Fares are valid for ticket issuance only when 100% of the fare amount has been received.
  • Tickets will not be issued on part payment (balance due basis).
  • Booking (PNRs) can only be made and seats blocked on receipt of payment/deposit as per the payment structure. Name list will be updated on 100% payment received only.
  • Only one group with the same travel itinerary can be confirmed on one single flight.


  • Schedule is subject to change and seats are subject to availability at the time of ticketing.

PNR details

  • Contact number and email id is mandatory when a PNR is created.
  • Contact details of the Tour Leader/Coordinator for the group and outside office hours Agency contact details are required for the airline to communicate any schedule changes or disruptions.
  • Any loss resulting due to failure to provide this information will not be the responsibility of the airline.

Payment Structure

  • 25% immediate payment or INR 1900 per passenger per sector fare whichever is higher is due at the time of booking, 75% at D-21 days prior to departure. If for D-21 100% payment.
  • For Direct customer 100% payment will be required at the time of  booking.
  • No extension/deviation will be offered for payment timelines.
  • PNR will be cancelled without notice if not adhered to the payment structure and amount will be forfeited.

Name List

  • D-3 FOC and at D-1 @1900(wef travel date 01-APR-16 onwards).

Name change

  • D-3 FOC and at D-1 @1900(wef travel date 01-APR-16 onwards)


  • At any point 80% materialization at series level is mandatory and is non-refundable.


  • Only 20% of the group size is allowed to be cancelled at nil outside 21 days prior departure, if this 20% is cancelled within 21 days till D-7 same can be done at INR 1900 per passenger/sector  fare whichever is higher is due at the time of booking.(wef travel date 01-APR-16 onwards)


  • Date, flight and sector change permitted @ INR 1900 charge per passenger per sector along with applicable difference in fare till D-3. The difference in fare to be paid instantly while making the changes.(wef travel date 01-APR-16 onwards).
  • Re-booking is subject to seat availability at the time of re-ticketing.

Additional Info

  • Refund of partially utilized tickets is not permitted and Seats cannot be sold as Retail.
  • Additional seats will be treated as a separate query and will be quoted accordingly.
  • Groups may be charged increase in tax/fees/surcharges unless paid in full.
  • This group quote supersedes all the previous quotes.
  • Refund of partial payments not permitted if paid through credit card/debit card.
  • Please ensure to revert in case of any discrepancy within 24hrs of confirmation else it will be considered in line with the requirements.
  • Along with valid photo ID card for all passengers, original credit card (if paid through credit card) on which payment has been made must be with one of the travelling passengers.
  • INR 100 will be charged per person (Convenience Fee) in case if paid through credit/debit card, net banking if mode of payment is online.
  • Reporting time for group is at least 2 hours prior to departure.
  • Meal requests must be notified to us at least 48 hours prior to departure. In case of group cancellation, meal amount will be forfeited.

Payment Mode and Terms of Payment for Direct Passengers (Non IATA Agent)

  • Cash / Card payment at the Airport.
  • Online Card payment.
  • Payment through Call Center.

Cash can be deposited into the below mentioned, Go Air Account, the details of which are as follows:

Beneficiary Customer name Go Airlines (India) Ltd. The Bank Branch Address is as below: Central Bank of India Corporate Finance Branch, 1st Floor, MMO Building, Fort,
Mumbai – 400 023.
Beneficiary Bank Central Bank of India.
Beneficiary Branch Corporate Finance Branch,
IFS Code CBIN0283007
Account No and Type 3050716331 - Escrow A/c
City Mumbai

Beneficiary Customer name Go Airlines (India) Ltd.
Beneficiary Bank ICICI Bank
Group Booking for GoAir SPL81000
Deposit Pin 9858
Account No and Type 000405030374 - Current a/c
City Mumbai
RTGS details
Beneficiary Customer name Go Airlines (India) Ltd.
Beneficiary Bank ICICI Bank
IFS Code IFS Code
Account No: and Type 000405030374 - Current a/c
City Mumbai

The fare quote is valid with the above mentioned terms and conditions. Any deviation from them will result in the revalidation of the fare quoted.

GoAir reserves the right to refuse group and may cancel the entire group in case of any non-compliance of terms and conditions without prior notice.

Group Desk working hours: 09:30 AM TO 6:30 PM

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